Tips to help you choose the right jewelry!

Tips to help you choose the right jewelry!

In addition to clothing and shoes, jewelry is also a fashion accessory indispensable in modern life. However, if you do not know how to choose the appropriate item, it is very easy to cause aesthetic. There are a lot of mistakes to avoid when buying your diamond rings. You need to be knowledgeable to choose the right product for your needs and use. Here is a selection of jewelry that you can apply to choose the most appropriate jewelry.

  1. Choose your earring

If you choose earrings, the first thing you need to pay attention to is the shape of your face. Just like you need to know the shape of your hand and finger to choose different diamond ring setting. A beautiful pair of earrings must help to cover the shortcomings while honoring the facial advantages. There are many types of faces such as oval, round, rectangular and heart. If you have an oval face, triangular earrings or cubes earrings will make your face look better. Round face should choose the type of long earrings to pull the view down. For rectangular faces, you need to offer wide ear studs to cover the angles of the face.

Besides the shape of your face, you should also pay attention to your earrings and hairstyles to bring yourself a perfect visual. Thick hair or short hair trimmed on the ear has the advantage of exposing the ears, helping to show off the beauty of the earrings. The small and beautiful earrings, pearl earrings or earrings or tiny rivets give you a stylish and sexy look. If you have short shoulder-length hair, you can choose the most different types of earrings, the large or slender earrings can fit. For those with long hair, choosing the earrings is considered quite difficult because long hair covering your ear will cause your earrings to be covered, not showing off their beauty. Be sure to choose a pair of smooth, clean earrings, such as a crystal with neat styling to avoid tangling with your hair.

  1. Choose your necklace

The chain is an accessory for the first ring and even for the body as well as the outfit. So it is not too difficult to grasp a few secrets to become a delicate aesthetic. With the banana shape (straight down from the top), you choose them the long bracelet too between the chest. For people with an apple shape (the upper part of the body is large, full of the thorax and large biceps but long elongated legs), you should choose short neckline, length on the chest, they will look taller and slimmer. If the strength of the sister’s apple shape is long legs, straight in the shape of pear shape is a large round 3 and waist circumference of the back. However, there is a similarity between the two types of people that they often have a large ring so the selection of lines is quite similar, choose the short length, especially the pearl neck strap is a choice. great choice. The hourglass body is the ideal shape, with 3 rounds, the Antonio waistline, so buying jewelry is much easier. You can choose the type of necklace you like without having to consider what affects the shape.

Besides choosing necklaces, there is one more way you can apply that is to choose the neckline. With low neck, big breasts, you choose the necklace design simple, slender, limited details, harmonious color, avoid the colorful rings colorful. You should wear a ring that is about the same length as your breasts, which will balance the lower neck and large breasts, giving you a longer neck. For those who are thin and long, choose from them large necklaces, bright hugs, bright colors, which can hide the skinny neck while giving a neat, Increasing the horizontal, the neck looks fuller. For those who are thin and short, the neck is of medium length, or long across the chest, and many round designs will fit the neckline.

  1. Choose Your Ring

Rings are also an accessory that young people are very fond of. However, not everyone knows how to choose the right ring for his hands. You can rely on the shape of the customer’s hand to make reasonable choices. Knowing what finger to wear your diamond ring according to a different type of ring is also very important. For small hands, you can choose elongated, rectangular or diamond-shaped rings, however, with a small hand, you should not choose a broadband because the palm of your hand will be in the “oversized” ring. In contrast, big hands will fit in with medium rings, oval or diamond-shaped faces. With thin hands, you should choose the face of small cubes, face sapphire or diamond round or square are all, avoid the face and ring too large will look very rough. With thick hands should choose the simple as possible. You can choose small ring patterns or slippery rings.

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