How to Shop for Good Diamonds by their Color Grade

How to Shop for Good Diamonds by their Color Grade

Color is one of the four most important factors in determining the quality of a diamond. Learn more about diamond water to help you find the best stone.

Although the diamond color is quite diverse, when thinking of buying, white is always the first choice of many people. Not simply because white is the color of diamonds, but the elegance and sophistication of this basic color help the diamond express its value.

Not just picking the whitest diamonds


You should remember that only white has many different levels. In the business of diamonds, the term white level is used for diamonds color.

Different in beauty and rare, though two diamonds are almost exactly the same, only differences in color levels sometimes have very different prices.

There are many types of diamond grade diamonds in the world, but GIA’s rankings are still the most widely used because of its clarity and accuracy. The rankings range from D to Z depending on the degree of the tint of diamonds.


What color levels are different?

The purest D-F diamonds are highly valued in color, but they are also rare, so the price is particularly high. You should only buy these diamonds when you are a diamond dealer or collector.

G-J can be considered almost colorless. Buyers with limited budgets often choose to buy these types because it is difficult to see the difference between them and the higher ones with the naked eye, while their prices are lower. cheaper.

Yellow, brown is very clear, the K-Z water is often very recognizable, these diamonds are not popular because of low aesthetics and rare.

It is not enough to rely on color charts

In addition to natural colors, when choosing diamonds, you should also consider other factors that will affect the brightness of them when viewed with the naked eye, such as luminescence, cut, the metal color of the dish. jewelry … to make decisions to choose the color that best suits her.

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