Reasons Why Rip-Off Report about Beverly Diamonds Selling Moissanite is wrong

Reasons Why Rip-Off Report about Beverly Diamonds Selling Moissanite is wrong

Moisannite and real diamond
Moissanite and Real Diamond Comparison

There is nothing equal to real diamonds but real diamonds. However, people easily get confused between real diamonds and artificial diamonds. According to some studies, it is quite difficult for a beginner to distinguish the differences between Moissanite and diamond. If you have a chance to come across any Beverly Diamonds rip-off reports saying Beverly Diamonds are selling Moissanite, be alerted to them. Beverly Diamonds do not relate to any of these reports. The company only sell authentic Diamonds.

My experience to distinguish Moissanite and real Diamonds

In the opinion of geologists, Moissanite has closer resemblances with diamonds. Even experienced gemologists tend to conduct diamond tests on Moissanites to find out if they are real diamonds. The Moissanite shares most of the standard features that diamonds have, for instance, the inclusions of the off-white color. The off-white color inclusions are common in VS1 and VS2 diamonds. For a reason, it is very to be wrong between real and fake diamond. If you think Beverly Diamonds are selling Moissanites, look at these factors before you make the conclusion:

Moh's scale of hardness
Moh’s scale of hardness


It is said that diamonds are the hardest substance on earth. The Mohs scale gives diamonds the hardness rating of 10 while all other natural gems are given the rating of 9.25. Interestingly, the level gives the Moissanites with a hardness rating above 9.25, which means Moissanites are harder than many of the natural gems. This makes you believe that they are natural in the first place.




According to the traditional gemologists, both Diamonds and Moissanite have a quite similar range of the brilliance. Both enjoy high index of light refraction. The only difference Moissanites have against diamonds is that former tend to retain the fire and the brilliance better even when they get dirty as compared to diamonds. Unless they are kept clean all the time, the diamonds will lose its natural brilliance. If you measure the reflexive level of rings with Moissanite, the former rates 100 while the latter rates between 116 and 119.

Cheaper than diamonds

When it comes to the price, Moissanites are no way closer to diamonds. The price of Moissanite is just one-eighth that of diamonds. Obviously, there is nothing on the earth that can be replaced with genuine diamonds. For real diamonds, you should always approach a reputed diamond seller.

Beverly Diamonds retains trust as genuine diamonds seller

Beverly Diamonds is one of the leading online diamond vendors out there. At Beverly Diamonds, you can buy diamond jewelry at the original market price. If you have any questions regarding the purity of diamonds sold by this seller, you can read the reviews written by any former customers of Beverly Diamonds. And of course, there are very few Beverly Diamonds Rip-Off Scam reports that are legit. So please be aware of this fact

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