The Meaning Behind each Finger When Wearing a Ring

The Meaning Behind each Finger When Wearing a Ring

Many of us would wear a ring on whatever finger that we like. However, a very few of us know the meaning behind each finger. Thus, it is helpful to know what finger to wear when you want to project your purpose.

meaning behind each finger

  1. Thumb – a position leads to success

The thumb is the core position that helps you balance and grasp objects firmly. The thumb is also the position of the leader. When wearing a ring on your thumb, they show you are a successful person who has achieved a lot of things.

With that position and role, when choosing a gold ring, you should be careful to choose the ring with a simple style but classy to prove to a successful person, who has stood on the top of prestige.


  1. Index finger – pointing finger – power at hand

Standing next to the big “thumb” is the index finger, the pointing of power – that is his role. Those who like to wear the index finger are often self-confident, energetic and ambitious. Therefore, the gold ring is usually the simple but sharp style to show the wearer’s bravery.


  1. The middle finger

The middle finger is the longest finger on the hand, right? When wearing this ring, you are trying to achieve something. Desire to complete, winning the challenge that is blocking your road to success.

When choosing a ring to wear on the middle finger, you should choose a unique style of ring personality to express their determination. Young people today prefer rings with different shapes, strong to express their own style.


  1. The ring finger – where it connects to the heart

The ring finger – is where contain more nerves than the rest. According to medicine, the fourth finger has a blood vessel that runs directly to the arteries of the heart. It shows that it is not natural to wear a wedding ring or a double ring on a finger. The ring finger is the symbol of love, of happiness, of permanence and eternity.

This is also where you can wear any ring that you like. But this place is usually the residence of inexpensive engagement rings or wedding rings sophisticated like diamond platinum or gold rings.

  1. Pinky finger – the symbol of the need to protect the fragility

If the thumb is a symbol of strength, the little finger is weak, fragile. Do you often lift your thumb when swearing or promising something? This is another meaning that the little finger brings – is evidence of the guarantee. When wearing the ring finger, you are probably making a promise, an oath, wearing a ring on your little finger to show virginity, though not very common, this has a positive meaning for many. people. Like the shape of the little finger, the ring should be so small and beautiful.

Each finger has a different meaning, so be sure to carefully define what you want before choosing to buy to choose a ring to fit, wear on the place for yourself, that is one of the helpful recommendation from Beverly Diamonds, a reputable jewelry business operated since 2002.

We hope this knowledge will help you when deciding which finger to wear your ring. Also, to learn more about gold rings as well as manual and how to choose gold rings for each different meaning.

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