Halo Diamond rings

Halo Diamond rings

Halo Diamond rings

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All diamond engagement rings are gorgeous and look amazing when on your loved one’s fingers, however, there are some ring which I say look best and they are called halo diamond rings. The way a halo works is that the center stone is surrounded by little diamonds around the main center stone. This type of setting is usually pave set which means that the prongs which are the metal sticks that help in the diamonds staying secure are very tiny. When people refer to the halo they usually mean the part on top surrounding the center stone.

Besides the fact that halo diamonds ring look super elegant, they are also the choice of over 50% of Americans. They became very popular in 1990’s and stayed up there in the #1 choice of American consumers. Some people like smaller halos than others and many prefer to have a big halo.

The reason for bigger halos is because it gives off an illusion of a bigger center stone. In many cases, you can have a center stone that is a half a cart and big halo making it look like a full carat. They also tend to stand out more than a regular set diamond.

Many jewelers do not like selling halos because of the issues they tend to have with the side stones falling out. In most cases when a jeweler will sell you a halo ring, they usually will give you the option to buy some type of warranty of the side stones in case they do fall out ( most probably will). If your jeweler does not offer it definitely ask him for it, because of it’s something that everyone experiences with halo ring.

Even though jewelers offer the warranties of the halo rings, there isn’t really a way to stop having the stones fall out just because of the way they are set. So do not bother asking your jeweler to make sure they will not fall out, because it isn’t in his hands. The diamonds can fall out after 6 months or after 3 years no one knows.

In any case, you can always protect your self by buying that warranty should you need it.

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