Diamond Pricing

Diamond Pricing

Diamond Pricing

The prices on diamonds vary with so many different options to choose from. Any diamonds has its own unique price and differences in which anyone can tell right away. Jewelers have specific and set prices for categories of diamonds which they make. But in general there an no 2 diamonds which are the exact same. Diamond pricing can also be very tricky as some diamonds may appear to be the same but in reality, some specifications are different. For example, A 1ct diamond which is round can be the same weight as another diamond but can have a different cut, or you can have a diamond that is the same cut and carat weight but is not the same polish finish as the first.


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The main objective to get the best diamond pricing would be to try and get average specifications on the stones, meaning not to look for the top quality or cuts, but at the same time to keep it average.

Another pointer can be, to shop around wholesalers that are experienced with retailers who are looking for a good diamond price. Generally, jewelers tend to mark up their items much higher than wholesalers, so finding someone you can trust can always be helpful. Another method to get good diamond pricing would be to educate yourself with diamond slightly before purchasing so any jeweler will know you are one not to mess with.

Many times doing a little research on the type of diamond that you are looking to purchase can help you out a lot in saving some money.

The main thing is to make sure that the pricing ads up. Because if one jeweler is charging you lets say $500 for a specific stone and another jeweler is charging you $5000, then you know something is wrong. Even though no 2 diamonds are the same, the discrepancy in the stones cannot be to an extent that it will be a $4000 difference in the price.

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