An In-Depth Guide to Diamond Color

An In-Depth Guide to Diamond Color

diamonds color
There are many different diamonds color

They say diamonds are forever. Many consider purchasing diamonds as investments. If unexpected financial difficulty comes, diamonds can quickly sell for a good amount of money.

What is the different color in diamond means?

Diamond price depends on their grading. We have the 4C’s: Color, Carat, Clarity, and Cut. All 4 of these are factors to consider when purchasing a diamond. However, the color may be the one hardest to decide due to the vast selection of diamond colors available to choose. There are yellow, blue, pink, brown colored diamonds. These are just a few of the colors available to the market today.

Diamond Color Grading

To jewelers, diamond color grading is one of the determinants when it comes to pricing diamonds. Using the Alphabet, starting from D, is how the grading of the diamond goes. The grading of the colorless type diamond is D-E-F. This color grade is usually more expensive and is difficult to find. Grading from G-H-I-J are nearly transparent; these are the diamonds that usually has a very minimal yellowish tint and a little difficult to notice.  Grades K-L-M has a noticeable tint of yellow.

Color grading can reach to Z. As the diamond color grade approaches Z, the price decreases as well. There are other tints than yellow, and we categorize it as Fancy and Color Diamonds. As mentioned above, there are few other colors such as pink, blue, brown, red, and many other colors. Through irradiation, a yellow or brown diamond can turn to other colors.

diamond color grading
Diamonds Color Grading

Grading fancy colored diamonds is very basic. First, we have the actual hue of the rock; the example is yellow, blue, or pink. Second grading is through the intensity of the color. Intensity can say as Very Light, Light, Intense, and so on.

You may ask, “How is this necessary in my hunt for a high diamond quality?” Or, “with this wide selection of color, how will I know what is for me?” If you’re a purist in search for a great deal in white diamonds, luckily, reputable jewelry companies can offer the best diamond color grade for you. With Beverly Diamonds having the diamond color choices of F and H, it helps consumers pick a great diamond color with such a great value. Diamond color is as much important as diamond clarity, and Beverly Diamonds can help you get that great diamond color for such a high price. Having been in the online and jewelry business for more than a decade, you’ll have the confidence that you are getting the correct diamond grading especially when it comes to the diamond color.

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