Why not to trust Beverly Diamonds scam reports

Why not to trust Beverly Diamonds scam reports

Why not to trust Beverly Diamonds scam reports.


When someone is buying a ring there are a a few very important things to look at. If someone does not know what they are looking for they could end up being not very happy with their purcahse. That is why there are Beverly Diamonds scam complaints out there. They will always come from a customer that does not know how to properly reseach diamonds and the rings they are getting.


These are the few very important things to really consider before buying a diamond ring. 1)  What size the carat weight of the center stone is. There are some Beverly Diamonds scam reports on the internet from customers that bought a .70 center stone and are upset that they are not much bigger. Everyone has a budget of what they are able to purchase, and Beverly Diamonds does a great job at making rings as affordable as possible. But a .70 is not the same as a 2 carat in size therefore when someone complains that the center stone as not as big as they were hoping it is because they bought the wrong size.


Another thing to consider is clarity of the diamond. On many Beverly Diamonds scam complaints, unhappy customers complain about the clarity of the diamond not being perfect. But they bought an SI clarity diamond. SI stands for “slightly included” which means there will be some small inclusions in the diamond. If someone is looking for a perfectcly clean center stone, that person should buy a “FL” clarity diamond, which means the person will be receiving a flawless diamond.


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