Why Beverly Diamonds Is My Choice Of Online Jeweler

Why Beverly Diamonds Is My Choice Of Online Jeweler

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I recently bought a diamond ring for my wife from the Beverly Diamonds website. This being the first such ring I was getting for her, I was very nervous at the time. First of all, I didn’t have a clue if she would like what I happened to pick. Then there was the matter of timely delivery, which everyone assures, but only a few actually provide. But now, I look forward to buying jewelry on this great website, not in small part because of the reassurance I gained from the Beverly Diamonds complaints cell.

That’s when a friend at work told me about this amazing site where she made her last two jewelry purchases – a ring and a necklace. She said this was it, and she would help me pick out something unique. They apparently gave the provision to customize as well, and since then I’ve realized this is by far the best feature the website offers. And then, there is the way the Beverly Diamonds complaints cell makes sure you are happy with your experience.

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After a long search, I found just the thing I was looking for, and I was sure my wife would love it too. I placed the order right then and there. It arrived earlier than I had expected, and I had plenty of time to check it out for damage or any other defects; not that there was any. It was exactly the same as in the picture I saw on the site; in real, it actually looked even better. A short while afterwards, I got a call from the Beverly Diamonds complaints cell, asking if the product was satisfactory. They wanted my feedback on the purchase.

I was quite appreciative of the follow-up by the Beverly Diamonds complaints cell. The last time I’d given my wife a ring like this was back when I proposed, which is why I was also happy I had plenty of time to decide how to gift this one. It did turn out that I was rusty, but the ring itself managed to obscure that fact. I’ve rarely seen her so taken in by something, and it looked so beautiful on her finger.

The delivery was fast, the ring excellent, and the customer service courteous. And my wife was happy, which was what mattered most.

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