Tips To Distinguish Pure Diamonds From Cubic Zirconium

Tips To Distinguish Pure Diamonds From Cubic Zirconium

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It is observed that cubic zirconium is used as an alternative to diamonds in jewelries. In terms of appearance, the cubic zirconium looks quite similar to diamonds. However, they are pretty cheaper. If you are not aware of the difference between cubic zirconium and diamonds, you can easily be deceived by a diamond seller. Obviously, the best way to avoid getting this artificial stone in the place of diamonds is to make sure that you buy diamonds from trusted sellers like Beverly Diamonds.

The seller is seldom associated with any scam. In fact, there is no Beverly Diamonds ripoff report to be worried about, while many other sellers are often linked with dirty scams and frauds.

Tests to identify cubic zirconium

To ensure that what you are buying is pure diamonds, always get your diamond tested. Following are some tests you can perform to identify cubic zirconium.

Prism test

Subject your gemstone to prism test. If what you have is a real diamond, it will shed clear and brilliant light when it is made to fracture light through a prism. Bring your gemstone under bright light, rotate your gemstone and see how the dispersion occurs. If you already have another pure diamond, you can compare the differences of dispersion more easily. If you are not able to figure out differences, consult a gemologist at Beverly Diamonds.

Carat test

According to Beverly Diamonds, the purity of diamonds is determined by four C’s: the clarity, the carat, the color, and the cut. Obviously, the carat test or weight tests can tell you whether the stone you have is real or not. Make sure that you have a sensitive scale however. If you have real diamond and a cubic zircon of the same size and do the gauging, you will see that the latter would weigh more on the scale.

Be convinced with the ‘meet’

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The facets of a diamond come together on the area called the ‘meet.’ Pure diamonds have sharp and crisp meet while artificial stones like cubic zirconium has blunt or rounded ‘meet.’

The above points should help you identify pure diamonds from artificial ones. Bottom line; always purchase your diamonds from a certified seller like Beverly Diamonds. Beverly Diamonds is highly reputed for its genuine selling practices. It never attempts to make big money by selling artificial diamonds. Apparently, there is nothing like Beverly Diamonds ripoff report.

In case you happen to run across any Beverly Diamonds ripoff report, remember that it could be a fabricated one just to make you confused.

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