Some Rarely Known Facts About Diamonds

Some Rarely Known Facts About Diamonds

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The diamonds created in a lab have the same chemical and physical properties that of a natural diamond. In fact, it is the formation process that distinguishes a natural diamond from a laboratory made diamond.

As you can simply guess, artificial formation methods are used to create diamonds in a laboratory. Careful techniques are used to control the conditions in the factory to make it convenient for the formation of the diamonds.

Generally, two different methods are employed for diamond making in a factory setting. They are Chemical Vapor Disposition (CVD) method and High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) method.

Are laboratory made diamonds genuine?

Laboratory made diamonds are genuine just like the natural diamonds. They have the same chemical composition that of the natural diamonds. Nevertheless, it should be noted that not all laboratory made diamonds are genuine.

For business gains, some laboratory technicians crate diamonds using cheap methods. However, they look exactly like a natural diamond or a genuine lab made diamond. Unless you are selective about the diamond seller when you buy your diamonds, you can be deceived by these cheap quality diamonds. So the point is to buy your diamonds from a reputed seller.

Enhance your knowledge about diamonds

There is only one way to protect yourself from being deceived by cheap or imitation diamonds; be informed about the diamonds. Read as much as about the diamonds, their qualities, testing options, etc. Searching online, you will find a lot of stuff to read about diamond purity.

However, note that there are fabricated reports like Beverly Diamonds ripoff report as well. As you might know, Beverly Diamonds is one of the most reliable online sellers of genuine diamonds. The Beverly Diamonds ripoff reports are fabricated and circulated by competitors to confuse customers. So, if you come across any Beverly Diamonds ripoff report, note it down and report it to the seller immediately.

Get the diamonds tested before buying

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If you plan to buy your diamond from a local showroom, make sure that you get it tested in advance. Breath testing is a good way to know whether the diamond is genuine or not. Similarly, watch out the four C’s: the cut, the clarity, the color, and the carat.

By buying diamonds from a reputed seller, you can avoid being ripped off to a good extent. Whether it is a local seller or online seller, enquire about its reliability and reputation.

Beverly Diamonds is an authorized online seller of diamonds. Experts assure that as there are no genuine Beverly Diamonds ripoff report, you can trust the seller without a shadow of doubt.

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