Selecting the Perfect Ring

Selecting the Perfect Ring

Choosing the perfect ring can be a very hard and grueling task to do. Thousands of designs can be seen online and at times, some sellers can’t design the ring you specifically want. Sometimes budget can be the biggest issue. But how do you select the perfect ring?

Selecting a design

Ring designs vary. An example of a simple but elegant design is a Solitaire. Solitaires are rings that have a single shank with no diamonds set on it, only the center stone is set in the middle of it. Consumers love this design because it showcases the center stone and does not over power it. In a way, the center stone “pops” when set in a solitaire ring.

Another design is called a Side stone design, which means that the ring will have gemstones on the shank. This is favored by a lot of people because more diamonds are added on the ring and gives it more bling and shine. You can choose a round side stone or princess. These are the most popular once, but some styles have marquise, trillion, or pear shape side stones. Either way, the added stones are just breathtaking.

Next is the Halo design. Halos are more often made with a pave setting style. Pave setting is a type of setting where the side stones are held by tiny prongs. Giving the ring a much better shine, since the prongs are very small, more of the stones are shown. Halo design, by its name, will have a halo around the center stone that is filled with diamonds. This is adorned by people who wants to make the center stone look bigger. The halo around the center stones gives the illusion that the center stone is big.

Other vintage designs are very appealing to some people. But the main ones that are mentioned above have been the most popular designs in picking the perfect ring.

When to buy a ring?

The perfect time to buy a ring is when you are ready to propose. This may be a given point but it is important to be ready. Ready financially and emotionally. When selecting a ring, it is better to buy from reputable places. Places that will give good deals and not take advantage of you and take your money. You must find a place that will give complete purchase details and all types of policies they have. These are some of the information you need it picking the perfect ring. Good luck!

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