My Engagement Ring Purchase From Beverly Diamonds

My Engagement Ring Purchase From Beverly Diamonds

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I’ll always be grateful for the first time I heard of Beverly Diamonds. It was from a friend, who had purchased a diamond ring from this exceptional diamonds seller. Back then I pushed the name to the back of my mind, but I remember being impressed at the time, of how good the new ring looked. He proposed to his fiancée that night, who is now his wife of two years.

Five months back I found myself in my friends’ shoes, searching for the right ring to propose to my girlfriend. I went looking at many of the jewelers in the neighborhood and some even far out, but nothing seemed like it would fit my sweetheart’s finger. Hopefully I’d only be doing this once, which is why I wasn’t going to compromise.

I hadn’t stayed in close touch with my friend, but when he called one of those days and reminded me how his ring selection had been made easy by Beverly Diamonds. I thought why not try it myself, and checked out their site. I’ll state this frankly: I was slack-jawed at the sheer variety in their collection. They had other jewelry items besides engagement rings, but those I didn’t have eyes for.

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It wasn’t an hour before I found the thing I was looking for. And was it beautiful. I could imagine the smile on my girlfriend’s face when I put it on her finger, and I couldn’t wait to hold it in my hands. I was lucky I knew her ring size, and I didn’t have to resort to some nicking one of her rings to get it measured. I placed the order and sat back, wondering how long it would take to get delivered. The dinner was scheduled two weeks later. Since I’d played it safe by ordering early, I didn’t have worries as such.

Beverly Diamonds impressed me next with their speed of delivery – it was at my doorstep inside two days of the order being placed. And the ring was just as wonderful as it looked on the site, packaged neatly. I had loads of time remaining; it was hard keeping the diamond from her till we went out for dinner. But when I did go down on my knee and show it to her, I said silent thanks to Beverly Diamonds for leaving me all that time to rehearse. It went perfectly. We’re happily married now, and she loves the ring. Now I’m wondering what else to get her, but know where to buy it from.

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