Make Sure That You Are Purchasing Conflict-Free Diamonds

Make Sure That You Are Purchasing Conflict-Free Diamonds

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You might have heard about the term Conflict Diamonds or Blood Diamonds. These are diamonds suspected to have been used for funding conflicts in Africa. Obviously, when purchasing diamonds from a reputed seller like Beverly Diamonds, you need not worry about the money you paid for the stone ending up funding some conflict in Africa.

What are conflict diamonds exactly?

The term came into use back in 1990s, when civil war was raging in African countries like Sierra Leone. These African regions are known for their diamond mines and the rebels in this region were using the diamonds mined from here to fund the conflicts. These illegal diamonds soon made into the market and sure enough, the reports of this matter soon came into the public domain.

This launched the initiative to remove these conflict diamonds from the mainstream diamond trade. Many NGOs and government bodies participated in this programme to ensure that the legitimate diamond trade does not lead to direct funding for conflicts anywhere in the world. Reputed diamond sellers like Beverly Diamonds ensures that none such conflict diamonds ever get into their inventory.

How to make sure that you are not buying conflict diamonds?

There are certification processes in place to make it clear that the diamonds on sale does not come from any of the conflict groups or illegal mining activities. This information will be mentioned in the certificate you receive when you are buying diamonds from leading diamond jewellers like Beverly Diamonds.

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If this information is not mentioned in the certificate you receive with the stone, you need to specifically ask for this. The internationally established certification process for ensuring that conflict diamonds do not end in the market is the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme. Over 74 countries are signed members of this programme and this has effectively removed the conflict diamonds from the market. Also, some sellers follow the System of Warranties, where the seller guarantees on record that the diamonds on sale are indeed conflict-free diamonds.

The onus also falls on the buyers to make sure that these conflict stones are not bought or sold. As already mentioned, you have to insist on receiving the Kimberley Process Certificate for the stone you are about to purchase. Of course, diamond sellers like Beverly Diamonds already ensure this. So, you have nothing to worry about, if you stick to buying the diamond jewellery from such reputed diamond sellers.

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