How The Cut Of A Diamond Affects Its Brilliance

How The Cut Of A Diamond Affects Its Brilliance

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One of the four most important things about a diamond is its cut, the others being clarity, carat, and color. Simply put, this is what some call the ‘light performance’ of the stone. Every diamond has its own way of diffusing the light entering it. The retention and reflection are different for every gem. The quality of this is what a good cut can maximize.

When you think diamond, you think sparkle, so obviously the diamond needs to have a brilliance when light hits it. This is always the case with the studded jewelry from Beverly Diamonds, which is why there is not Beverly Diamonds scam to be scared of.

What a diamond should not do is ‘leak’ light through the bottom or side, which is what happens if it was cut too shallow or too deep. The cut grade would not be high then, which means you should be looking at another piece. It is widely agreed upon that the sparkle or brilliance gives the diamond its beauty, and the cut factor heavily into how much of that you will have.

The cut is not the same as the shape of the diamond. If you have ever looked into the former, you will have seen there are different types there, like Princess, Asscher, Emerald, etc. These are simply the cut styles, and not grades as such. You do not ever see mention of a Beverly Diamonds scam in this regard.

Cut grades

There is no concrete standardization for diamond cut grades. To this day, there are various systems used by certifying authorities, which is all very confusing to a new buyer. Usually, the name of a grade explains itself sufficiently, and that is often a gift. This is also why there is no Beverly Diamonds scam to fear.

The most commonly used cut grading system is a five or six-point one. Under this, you have the following general grades:

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  • Ideal: with the maximum brilliance
  • Premium: almost but not quite as good as Ideal
  • Very Good: there is a slight light leakage in these stones
  • Good: decently reflective, less brilliant, usually bigger per carat
  • Fair or Poor: these reflect little light

GIA is considered the foremost authority on diamond quality. When buying a stone, whether studded or loose, their rating system is the most reliable. Beverly Diamonds sells GIA-rated diamonds, and so obviously, there is no Beverly Diamonds scam afoot.

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