The Guide to different stone options for your ring

The Guide to different stone options for your ring

Who doesn’t love a beautiful, sparkling ring on your finger? Whether your purchase is for someone you love or for yourself, you want to make sure you are getting the best at your budget. Besides picking the color, clarity, etc., the stone you choose will determine how your ring will look, how shiny your stones will be.

The 4 great options are;

1. Clarity Enhanced

2. Moissanite

3. Lab-Grown

4. Cubic Zirconia

Clarity Enhancement is when they remove inclusions from natural diamonds. This is to remove/hide any visible flaws. There are 2 main methods on how they are made on a commercial scale: 1. Laser drilling is a process used mainly in removing large inclusions and dark crystals, and 2. Internal Laser Drilling; usually used with dark inclusions near the surfaces of its stones. Clarity Enhanced may not be the ‘luxury option’ but for the price, you’ll be paying, it is worth every penny.

Moissanite is a rare, natural, mineral, otherwise known as Silicon Carbide, named after Dr. Henri Moissan after his discovery in 1983. However, nowadays, all moissanite use synthetic material, as its natural substances are extremely rare. Moissanite first entered the jewelry market in 1998. Now, in 2020, many people view moissanite as a 2nd or even 1st option. The prices are way low as well. If you don’t have a big budget but still want something gorgeous—Moissanite is your best option.

Lab Grown diamonds are man-made and will show the same features as a natural diamond due to the existence of carbon structures. Lab-grown may not come from the ground, but the manufacturing process is the same. Some prefer lab-grown over clarity enhanced because of its pure beauty and prices, which will be lower than enhanced diamonds.

Cubic Zirconia, otherwise known as ‘CZ’, is a low-cost diamond alternative. The substance is synthetic, created in a lab. As Cz’s have many of the same qualities as a diamond, it is not one. Some would refer to it as fake but that’s only when compared to real diamonds. Cz’s are beautiful stones and extremely cost-efficient. Whether you are looking for a cheaper engagement ring alternative or just looking to please a loved one, CZ is a great choice.

Those are just some of the many options when it comes to buying rings. Remember; buy what makes you and/or your significant other happy. This is a special purchase and doesn’t come up often. Spend wisely, and you’ll get a beautiful ring, no matter the price.

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