Get the Diamond you want, Not the Headache – Beverly Diamonds Payments

Get the Diamond you want, Not the Headache – Beverly Diamonds Payments

So after years of searching you’ve found the one, You might think that all the hard work and headache is over, but beleive me its just begun. Before you can soldify that commitment with your soon to be better half you must present her with a gift. These days its abovious what that gift is, its shiny, small and very exspensive.  Diamonds may be a girls best friend but they sure dont like the people buying them, the process is long and tedious, you spend countless hours serching, only to be finding yourself looking at a rock that look just like the other rock you just looked at, and just like the countless others you’ve seen before.

Thanks to Online purchases the quest to compare prices can now be completed in an hour or less, and to figure out if the diamond your buying is actually a diamond has been streamlined thanks to countless reviews,  submitted by the institutions previous customers. When one is considering buying online there are a few ways to pay for your purchase and a few tips to keep your purchase safe, here are some of those tips;


Credit Card:

Using your credit card to make that online purchase is the most widely used form of online payment, and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon. Most credit cards these days come with a built in consumer protestion program, that will allow you to retreive your money back in case of a problem with your order (Charge Back) additionally participating Credit cards allow you to collect points on every purchase, and when you make a purchase as large as a diamond, your  defeintly goiong to want to collect the points.


There a multiple ways of paying with finance online. You can take out a physical loan from a bank, friend, or relative, this method tends to have the most favorable fees, and intrest if any. Or you can apply for a online cash advance company to put towards your Diamond purchase, this usually has the least favorable fees and intrest, and is intended for people who are desperate. A new way of financing that is poping up more is paying finance directly through the Jewlers site, this new method tends to have favorable fees, andintrest if any too.  you mostly like know the best methiod to partake in, it usually is based on your current financial situation.


Do you know you have that special someone, Have bad credit? bad at saving? This is probaly the method for you. Lay-away is a growing payment method for many, as it allows you top take advantage of the current sales that cash and credit afford you, with out having to pay intrest and additional fees.  You dont’ get the diamond right away, but most jewlers will put the diamond you want on the side for you. As long as you make the payment consitently you’ll be able to get that ring soon enough. Also as long as you pay with Credit card, your also protected by there consumer protection program.




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