Establishing The Authenticity Of A Blue Diamond

Establishing The Authenticity Of A Blue Diamond

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Blue diamonds are very popular for hue inside, which is caused by traces of boron in the crystal. Something in the class of ‘fancy’ and with a color grade of dark, deep, intense or vivid, would have a distinctive color to it.

These days the market sees simulations as well as originals. Sometimes you do not know if you are holding a real blue diamond or not. But it is not hard to ensure if you do the following. And with Beverly Diamonds, there is no need.

  • Check out the documentation that came with the stone. Whether loose or mounted, a recently entered blue diamond item in the market would come with a color grading report, such as form GIA. If this report tells you that the color you see is natural in origin, you can rest assured it is. Lack of documentation should set off warning bells. With Beverly Diamonds, you only get certified jewelry, which is why you do not see any Beverly Diamonds complaints.
  • Find out how old the stone is, because that is a very reliable measure of authenticity. Treated stones started coming out in the 1960s, so if you have a rock, which is from the 19th century, chances are it is original. You could arrive at the age by looking at a number of aspects – style, from silver to gold hallmarks, and provenance. The last is very valuable because it records prior ownership in a usually long line. And as mentioned, a pre-1960s is assuredly genuine.

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  • Send your stone for color testing to GIA or any other accredited laboratory. There is no need if you bought it from Beverly Diamonds. Incidentally, these laboratories test only loose, un-mounted diamonds. Depending on the carat of the stone, you would have to pay an enormous amount to get it tested. There are no Beverly Diamonds complaints in this regard, because their items are all graded beforehand by GIA. Based on the Cut, Carat, Color, and Clarity as laid out by the report, you can be sure that the blue diamond is a genuine article.

Treated diamonds often lose their color as time passes, but you have no Beverly Diamonds complaints in that area. They sell only original diamonds, and in a very wide range too. Once you are sure there are no Beverly Diamonds complaints, check out their collection, and maybe find your next purchase.

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