Common Mistakes when Buying Diamond Rings

Common Mistakes when Buying Diamond Rings

What are the mistakes?

Usually, when you want to buy diamonds, you often choose familiar stores to buy, even if you shop online such as Beverly Diamonds websites. You are interested in different parameters of the diamond such as size, weight, shape. In case you buy diamonds from local stores, please note the following:

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Mistake about cut and weight:

The first point that the fraud on the quality of the cut. The cuticle is a very difficult point to distinguish from the color and purity of the diamond so you often overlook this point, the common mistakes are:

Do you not know how much diamond carat caring you are interested? What is the current market value of a carat? How to calculate? Therefore, you should ask the store to provide full information and reviews about weight and how to calculate the diamond that you are considering. Diamonds reviews in the world market often rely on Rapaport price list, if you buy diamonds cheaper than the Rapaport price of 30% or more, then congratulations! Of course, the color scale, purity (purity) and weight must be correctly determined. The shops only show you two or three slices with different cut grades and try to convince you to buy one of them. While you can completely choose the diamond best If you ask them to give out all the diamonds they have. This is a simple but best way for you to buy a satisfied diamond at a certain store. Buy a diamond cut too deep, a diamond cut too deep, usually heavier than the shallow cut diamond. You can buy a 1.00 carat diamond looks like a 0.90 carat diamond because it was cut too deep. Perfect cut diamonds can be much more expensive than poorer cut diamonds. Hence, diamond cutters are usually cheaper, less stockpiled, and more expensive.

Mistake of color and purity (cleanliness):

While diamond reviewing and testing allows a one-level error, for example, if you buy a diamond of color G and purity is VS2 but after re-testing, it is pure H and pure color. SI1, you also have no right to sue the store for you. This leads to fraud where the shop where you bought can tell the auditor to deliberately abuse the law to mislead a G diamond into F. color.

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