Buying a ring can be a little more complicated than I thought it would be

Buying a ring can be a little more complicated than I thought it would be

Buying a ring.

I am 32 years old and I am looking to Buying a ring for my girlfriend. For a 32 year old that pretends I know everything trying to figure out what ring to purchase, sure is humbling. There are so many different aspects and concepts to know when trying to  buying a ring. And the craziest thing is. It really matters. I can’t do a half of a job on this. This is the ring I hope my girl friend will want to wear for a very long time. I can’t imagine someone buying an item for me and then saying that I have to wear this everyday. Therefore I have to make sure that the ring I purchase will be amazing.

Buying a ring


Trying to find the right design is the first tricky thing. I had to figure out, what kind of jewelry she likes. I had to snoop through her stuff to see what kind of style she wears. She does not wear a lot of jewelry everyday and what she wears is very subtle  and classy. But there is nothing that pops out like crazy.  That is when it hit me, maybe I shouldn’t be buying a ring that has too much personality. Maybe I should just be looking for a simple yet classy ring.


Now that I figured out that I am going to be buying a ring that is simple and classy.I had to figure out what kind of diamond I wanted. I did not want to purchase a diamond that is very cloudy or had some very large inclusions. However I still did not want to spend way more than I can afford. Finally I found the perfect website for me to be buying a ring from. They has a very classy thin band, 6 prong ring that I bought for less than $5,000. Buying a ring was one of hardest things that I did. I love the ring. And now I just have to hope that she will as well.

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