Beverly Diamonds Website

Beverly Diamonds Website

Facets are the different flat surfaces found on every geometric shapes. Diamonds & gemstones generally have different facets cut onto their surface in order for light to reflect off them. The Beverly Diamonds Website has many different diamonds that have many facets to them to maximize shine. The actual process of cutting a diamond is a very mathematical and tedious process. If the facet cutting is completed correctly there should be a pleasing balance of internal light reflections. This light known as brilliance, some people refer to this as “fire,”. The online retailers such as the Beverly Diamonds Website have a vast inventory of diamonds that have a lot of fire. The quality of the cut of the diamond is a big factor to how brilliant and reflective the stone is; the cut symmetry and polish of the diamond is actually the only character that is determined by a human.


We all know that an excellent cut in a diamond will offset the clarity and color factor sometimes. You can have a very high clarity diamond with a beautiful color but if the cut is poor it won’t shine well. Online you can go to the Beverly Diamonds Website and purchase a diamond with a very good cut. The facets of the diamond should be exactly or as close to possible parallel in their geometric relation to each other.

The first step to manufacturing the perfect diamond is of course planning. Planning the cuts ect of the diamond is extremely essential and figuring out what the worth of the diamond will be. The world famous Beverly Diamonds Website has many different diamonds for all different price ranges. The planner is actually the person who chooses exactly how and where to cut the diamonds as to be left with the most profitable stones, once cutting is complete.

After the planning has been completed then the diamond is ready to be cut. The diamond or gem stone is then cleaved & sawed. The Beverly Diamonds Website goes more into detail about this. Sawing most of the time is done using either a special diamond coated spinning circular saw and, or lasers. Then once the sawing process is completed it is time for bruiting. The diamond which is being bruited is spun extremely quickly on top of a spinning lathe and another diamond is pressed up against it. That is what gets the outline of the diamond. So essentially one diamond is used for shaping the other one.

Polishing is the final and last stage of the diamond cutting process. The most important part of the polishing process is what is commonly know as the blocking process. This is what gives the diamond its overall symmetry. The Beverly Diamonds website is a great source for getting a well-polished diamond. Usually about 16 to 18 are cut into each diamond. If you’re buying jewelry online you should really look at the Beverly Diamonds Website.

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