‘Customer satisfaction is our priority’ – Beverly Diamonds

‘Customer satisfaction is our priority’ – Beverly Diamonds

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Beverly Diamonds, one of the top diamond manufacturers, recently introduced a line of diamond rings. Despite Beverly Diamonds complaints claiming that a few customers received damaged rings from the company in the past few weeks, the company asserts that the rings were in good condition when they were packed and shipped.

Company says damages were not manufacturing defects

The company made it clear that all the rings dispatched to customers as per their orders were pre-tested and were in good condition at that time. They assume that the damages might have been caused by mishandling during the time of shipment. A spokesperson from Beverly Diamond said that it was not the first time the company was addressing Beverly Diamonds complaints as such. He also added that when similar complaints about damages with the ring were reported in the past, investigations proved that the damages were caused by mishandling.

Beverly diamonds to replace damaged rings

Ending the concerns of hundreds of customers, delegates of the company dealing with Beverly Diamonds complaints announced that they would try to replace the damaged rings with good ones as soon as possible. Furthermore, the company said that they would soon implement better packaging system for the rings, so that the items are not harmed in any regard by the rough handling during the shipment. It is also reported that the company will be soon looking for other shippers who are capable of proper handling of delicate packages.

‘Customer satisfaction is our priority’

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Damaged Beverly Diamonds Rings

In the wake of the staggering number of complaints from customers, officials at Beverly Diamonds said that the company was working on steps to contact customers who received damaged rings. A round-the-clock functioning customer support service and Beverly Diamonds complaints cell has been formed to address such concerns and to resolve the issues they are facing. The management has also extended deep apologies for the inconvenience caused to the customers.

Officials said that the entire management at Beverly Diamonds were disturbed by the incident of rings being damaged. They highlighted in a press release that customer satisfaction has always been their top priority, and they guarantee to carry out every possible step to regain the trust customers had in their brand.

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