Beverly Diamonds Complaints Are Unfounded –Report

Beverly Diamonds Complaints Are Unfounded –Report

Beverly Diamonds Complaints
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Beverly Diamonds is one of the few sellers that appreciate any allegations raised against it immediately and attempt to clarify the same to its customers. There have not been any Beverly Diamonds complaints so far to prove that. However, a recent report indicates that some of its competitors are deliberately fabricating Beverly Diamonds scam reports to tarnish its reputation among the public.

Although the customers of Beverly Diamonds are quite sure that these Beverly Diamonds complaints are unfounded, the seller has issued clarification about this in its blog. In a recent post, the seller clearly states that none of the Beverly Diamonds scam reports are true or are based on any proven facts.

What makes competitors fabricate Beverly Diamonds complaints?

Beverly Diamonds is known for its transparent selling practices. It has played a great role in educating people about diamonds. Prior to the establishment of Beverly Diamonds, customers did not have much idea about the differences between natural diamonds and artificial diamonds. Most of them would go to a jewelry shop and buy their diamond jewelries on the basis of the lecturing of the diamond seller. Often, the customers would get artificial diamonds although they pay a price equal to the then market value of the diamonds.

Beverly Diamonds Scam Reports
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Beverly Diamonds was launched at a time when diamonds sellers were capitalizing on the ignorance of customers about diamonds. The first thing Beverly Diamonds did was to educate the people about diamonds. The gemologists at Beverly Diamonds taught people the difference between natural and artificial diamonds.

According to an expert gemologist at Beverly Diamonds, both natural diamonds and simulated diamonds have same chemical composition. So they look quite identical. In fact, a bare eye cannot easily distinguish the difference between a natural diamond and an artificial diamonds. Beverly Diamonds instructed people that they could test diamonds even from the convenience of their homes. There are many simple methods like breath test to find out if a diamond is genuine or artificial.

Beverly Diamonds admits that its reputation and growth as the most reputed online diamonds seller in the world is because of three reasons; transparent business practice, better customer support and purity of diamonds being sold. No customers have ever raised any Beverly Diamonds complaints so far and for this very reason, the seller stands out from the rest.

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