Beverly Diamonds

Beverly Diamonds

Beverly Diamonds only have a website which they trade from and don’t have a storefront to browse. Despite that they are located in the heart of the Diamond industry, in Downtown Los Angeles, CA. The concerns that I had about Beverly Diamonds were shared by numerous other people on online forums. They related to both the pricing being cheap and them not having a store. With these factors combined one of the first things I did when I arrived was ask to learn more about the company history to ease my worries. The answers couldn’t have been more reassuring.

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They have been trading diamonds for over 20 years. When I asked about the location etc. I was told that they decided to operate in Los Angeles because of the respect it commands. My concerns around pricing were pushed aside after a detailed explanation of the business setup. I was told they don’t have a storefront in order to keep their overhead low, thus providing customers with incredible deals on amazing products. They can offer huge savings compared to other street retailers because they don’t have a lot of property to maintain, they cut out the middle man with diamond traders and they focus on volume sales at low profit margins rather than large profit like Blue Nile & Tiffany.

When I went into Beverly Diamonds I didn’t really know very much about diamonds so it was great that the team were soooo helpful. They explained everything about diamond cuts, shapes, colors, and grades. During the consultation I was shown a range of settings and a huge selection of various diamonds to see how they differ. When viewing the diamonds side by side it was really easy to see how the quality improves as you go up the scale. Nevertheless, Beverly Diamonds explained how easy it is to be tricked into overpaying for cheap diamonds as diamonds shine differently under special light. The engagement ring that I ended up choosing was a gorgeous princess cut. Although I spent a huge amount of money on the ring, I have no regrets. I figured I would only propose once and I wanted the ring to be really special and unique – Beverly Diamonds assured me that my diamond was of the best quality. Overall, Beverly Diamonds were fantastic. Go Beverly Diamonds!!

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