A Review Of Beverly Diamonds

A Review Of Beverly Diamonds

Beverly Diamonds Reviews
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You might have heard of Beverly Diamonds, a diamond jeweler based in Los Angeles, CA. A leader in the diamond business for over a decade now, they offer a wide range of jewelry items on their top of the line website. This is a company that’s here to offer the best in diamonds, as you have probably gleaned from some of the Beverly Diamonds reviews found online.

We had a sit down with a representative, and tried to get a few insights into the way the company does business. Here is some of the Q&A we passed back and forth.

What quality control measures are used?

“We do the most stringent quality control checks to ensure the superiority of the diamond collection we put out. Each and every gem we release goes through a grading process at a gemological laboratory. We take it very seriously when customers call and order our products for an upcoming event, and endeavor to provide the best quality in all that we sell. And the Beverly Diamonds reviews online can attest to our continuing success in that regard.”

What customer support is provided in the event of a mix-up?

Conflict Free Diamonds
Beverly Diamonds Collection

“If there are mix-ups with the ordered items, and we work very hard to avoid this; we offer the customer a replacement, or an optional refund. This is a very rare occurrence, as you will see from the Beverly Diamonds reviews online. There is nothing more important to us than the people’s trust in our commitment to supply the best diamond jewelry in the market. If an ordered item arrives with damage incurred during shipment, we make sure to compensate the customer for their troubles.”

What are Conflict Free Diamonds?

“These diamonds originate from sources which are free of conflict. There are some places in the world where diamond mining is done in an effective war zone, and the funds obtained from selling these diamonds finances insurgent movements. As you already know from countless Beverly Diamonds reviews, we provide customers the assurance that the money they pay is involved in nothing of this sort.”

“We only purchase diamonds from regulated sources under the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme (KPCS), a process set up in 2003 to keep conflict diamonds from slipping into the mainstream market. All our employees are well informed in this matter, so rest assured that we only conduct legitimate business.”

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