Beverly Diamond 4C’s

Beverly Diamond 4C’s

Beverly Diamond 4C’s


When purchasing a diamond ring there are the obvious things to consider Like what style of a ring you want. Do you want a Halo setting or a solitaire setting. Do you want a round cut diamond or a princess cut diamond. But the most important thing to look at when purchasing  a diamond ring is what are the 4C’s of the diamond.  When someone buys a diamond from a Jeweler like, the first things that everyone will look at are the 4C. Those are the Carat, Clarity, Color and Cut. The reason for that is, based on what the 4C’s are that will determine the cost of the diamond. The term 4C’s sounds a little scary but thanks to websites like Beverly Diamonds choosing your ring and making sure you understand the Beverly Diamond 4C’s of the diamond that you receive is not as complicated as it might seem.




First, why are the 4C’s so important?  The 4C’s will tell you all of the information on the diamond right away. The first “C” will tell you what size the diamond is. When you are looking at Beverly Diamonds 4C’s and want to chose a 2 carat center stone, the first C is going to be 2 carats. The second “C” Stands for Clarity. Being that diamonds are not man or machine made, diamonds are generally not perfect. Therefore,  you want to make sure the clarity of the diamond you are choosing is the clarity that you want to go with. Obviously the better the clarity the more expensive the diamond is going to be. The third “C” is color. A white diamond can have many different shades of white. For example a diamond with a F color will be a very white diamond and a diamond with a H color will have a small tint of yellow. The final C is for cut. In order for the diamond to be very shiny, there has to be a good cut.


Beverly diamonds has many beautiful designs for rings. But most importantly, they make it very easy to to know and to pick out what type of diamond you will be receiving.On Beverly Diamonds 4C’s are easy to pick out.  If you are looking for a ring that is not very expensive. You can go with a lower carat or a higher carat and a lesser clarity. Or a high carat, high clarity and a lower grade color. This allows you to purchase the exact ring design in the exact budget that you are looking for.


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